Unlock Up To 42%
On Your WLA Running Costs And Save On Licence Renewals

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If you’ve been blown away by rocketing workload automation costs and WLA license renewals – we’ve got your back!

It’s easy – our solutions are all about boosting efficiency and slashing costs.

We’ve Introduced More Flexible Pricing

Our flexible pricing options provide different payment plans and billing periods. We help optimise your licence agreement and ensure you have cost-efficient and honed licensing in place.


Are All Your Licences Being Utilised? We’ll Monitor and Maintain

Ortom8 Assurance helps you save costs in two ways. First providing you with all the management information you need to make a more informed decision on your current and future license needs. More information can mean more savings.

Secondly, Licence Manager prevents any costly licence overruns – ensuring your licences are monitored and budgets maintained.


We’re Experts at Optimising Your Licences

Our Control-M Managed Service provides you with a team of specialists in WLA licence management and optimisation; essentially managing your whole workload automation environment.

They will assess your organisation’s usage patterns and needs, making sure you only pay for the licenses you need. Consequently delivering resource optimisation, improved efficiency, and peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

So, not only can we help you reduce your licence costs, we’ll massively reduce your WLA running costs altogether!

Oh, And It’s Not Just All About The Costs

We build, run, manage, and improve your workload automation, regardless of size or sector. Our unique Innovation Team has developed products designed to:

  • Simplify Workload Automation
  • Offer centralised management
  • Provide advanced security features
  • Improve scalability to suit your needs
  • Offer sophisticated analytical tools

Let’s tackle those rising costs together. Our solutions help you save up to 42% on your workload automation running costs and save on WLA licence renewals.

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“Their flexible workload automation solutions help organisations like UK Power Networks evolve and meet their targets by freeing up time and resources while cutting costs and minimising risk.”

Dave RobertsUKPN

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Offering the ultimate flexibility, we build around your needs and your specific WLA concerns. You won’t pay for more than you need or settle for less.
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