Licence Manager



Unlocking Smarter Licence Management

Ortom8 Licence Manager is a collection of tools that provides everything you will ever need to prevent Control-M licence overrun and the repercussions this has. Building on the Ortom8 Assurance Dashboard it provides more comprehensive data, offers a unique and detailed analysis of License usage, alerts to potential problems and will ultimately stop development of any activity that may lead to a licence overrun in a controlled way. It provides the ultimate protection so you can monitor and manage your licence activity with complete confidence.

Two men discussing how license manager for Control-M will help their business
Close up of the dashboard for control-m license manager

What Licence Manager provides

Suite of 3 tools:

  • Dashboard: Management information on licence usage; Provides growth trends; Prevents system performance impact; Enables successful compliance reports.

  • Licence Protector: Proactively improves job definition quality; identifies certain jobs that will cause licence overrun, manages active jobs on hold and ‘spawning’ jobs.

  • Overrun Prevention: Reactively / proactively halts batch schedules in a controlled way if overrun is going to occur and automatically or manually implemented.

How Licence Manager adds value

  • Prevent Overruns: Avoid expensive licence breaches and stay compliant.
  • Real-time Insights: Instant visibility into licence usage for proactive decisions.

  • Strategic Allocation: Optimise resource usage for maximum ROI.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Analyse usage trends to enhance distribution.

  • Proactive Alerts: Receive timely notifications to avert overuse.

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How it works together

Unlock Ortom8 Assurance‘s full potential with Licence Manager, Schedule Creator and Workload Trends.