Boosting Business Evolution with Innovative Automation Solutions

We are revolutionising the way businesses handle their workloads by delivering intelligent, innovative, and scalable automation solutions. Our solutions can build, run, manage, and improve your workload automation – regardless of size or sector.  Our unique Innovation Team has developed products designed to simplify Workload Automation and offer centralised management, advanced security features, improved scalability, and sophisticated analytical tools.

We are dedicated to bringing innovation to market faster to benefit businesses of every size. This means identifying the best outcomes, delivering the right solution, optimising your IT – and saving you time and resources so that you can sharpen your focus on your business without disruption or distraction.

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Ortom8 Products

Ortom8 Products

Ortom8 Services

Ortom8 Services

  • Active management and monitoring of your Workload Automation service
  • Ongoing maintenance of the software platform and system upgrades
  • Reviewing workload jobs and their effectiveness to deliver your business outcomes
  • Monthly reporting of workloads
  • Monthly billing of services
  • Regular review of Workload Demand and future requirements
  • 24×7 Support of Platform & Application Support and Management
  • 24×7 Support of Batch Application
  • 3 standard environments (High Availability Production; Pre-Production; and Development environment)
  • Any upgrades (as appropriate), security patches and hotfixes released

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