Discover a new way to facilitate your workload.

Ortom8 Managed Service and Managed Service Plus are built on a world leading automation solution. We have packaged the solution, leveraging our extensive knowledge and skills in to a fully managed, cloud-based service. We take care of the management, support, alerting and reporting of your entire Workload Automation solution on your behalf.

We utilise enterprise capabilities delivered in a low-cost SaaS platform that lets you schedule, run and manage day-to-day repetitive workflows and IT processes that are business-critical without compromising your business.

Recognising the challenges of cost management, we have designed the managed service on a fully scalable, flexible, consumption model.

Ortom8 Managed Service includes:

  • Active management and monitoring of your Workload Automation service
  • Ongoing maintenance of the software platform and system upgrades
  • Reviewing workload jobs and their effectiveness to deliver your business outcomes
  • Monthly reporting of workloads
  • Monthly billing of services
  • Regular review of Workload Demand and future requirements
  • 24×7 Support of Platform & Application Support and Management
  • 24×7 Support of Batch Application
  • 3 standard environments (High Availability Production; Pre-Production; and Development environment)
  • Any upgrades (as appropriate), security patches and hotfixes released

Ortom8 Managed Service Plus

includes all the features in the standard service but with the addition of:

  • Running automated scripts on your behalf
  • Proactive alerting
  • Service dashboards
  • Future capacity planning
  • Workload Automation provisioning
  • Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Job creation, scheduling & changes – Creation and support of job definitions and scheduling components
  • Batch Monitoring – Proactive notification and action against batch failures
  • 24×7 Support & Monitoring of Customers Batches and Tasks
  • Full reporting on trending, ongoing issues and resolution
  • Service Management process integration
  • Batch Optimisation and Proactive SLA management

Watch our video for a 30 second overview of our Ortom8 Managed Service Solution or talk to our expert team for more detail


Tangible and sustained benefits to your business, regardless of size and sector.

Consumption based

A true SaaS “pay as you consume” pricing model (price per job) that flexes with your needs

Cost Savings

Managing Workloads in the cloud, freeing up infrastructure, software licences, resources & time

Fully Managed Service

 Support & management of your workloads

Reduced Risks

We manage and monitor your workload, with data retained on customer premise

Enhanced productivity:

99.99% uptime & managed downtime aligned to your requirements


Quicker notifications to diagnose and resolve issues

Audit & Compliance

Peace of mind about audit & compliance