Schedule Creator



Making complexity simple

Ortom8 Schedule Creator is a simple and easy to use GUI portal that enables the easy creation of job definitions without the need for understanding the coding or principals behind it.

It automatically creates the job definition within target test/development environment and applies site standards and best practice. It ensures consistency, compliance and reduces opportunities for error so making things such as importing new job definitions an easy task. With huge savings in both time and money, this is an essential part of any toolkit.

What Schedule Creator provides

  • Job Portal: Simple and easy to use GUI portal that removes the need for JSON, XML or Python scripting.

  • Job Creation: Automatically creates the job.

  • Job Definition: Within target test/development environment.

  • Site Standards: Applies site standards and best practice to create job definition.

  • Quick Import: Job definitions imported in no time at all!

How Schedule Creator adds value

  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly GUI portal simplifies job definition creation, enabling anyone to automate tasks without coding knowledge.

  • Error Reduction: Removing the coding aspect reduces the risk of human errors in job definitions. leading to fewer mistakes and smoother operations.

  • Increased Productivity: With a simple and intuitive interface, team members can quickly create and import job definitions and automate tasks.

  • Cost Savings & Efficiency: Rapid deployment and reduced errors lead to increased productivity and cost savings.

  • Compliance: Allows standards and best practice to be applied.

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How it works together

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