Managed Service



Managed, Monitored, Maintained

Ortom8 Workload Automation Managed Service offers a tailored and comprehensive Managed Service for your BMC Control-M Workload Automation environment. Our fully managed, WLA solution can be configured quickly and effectively to improve your business processes.

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Control-M managed service infographic

What Ortom8 Managed Service provides

  • Application Support: 24×7 Management of the WLA / Control-M application. Perform systems maintenance and upgrades. Monitor the health of the environment and rectify issues.

  • Batch Support: 24×7 monitoring of batch schedules. Identifying failures and alerting the customer application support teams. Taking remedial action as instructed to rectify batch failures. Automation of batch jobs.

  • Batch Management: Creation & scheduling of Job definitions. Frequent job failure identification. Testing of Jobs prior to going Live. Management of Licences. Use of new capability.

How Ortom8 Managed Service adds value

  • Immediate Savings: Outside of your license renewal, we can deliver in-year savings through the redirection of resources; infrastructure cost reduction; and leveraging new, enhanced automation capabilities without the need for training and development.

  • Flexibility: A scalable solution, perfect for today’s agile business needs, leaving you the resources you need to focus on growth.

  • Expertise: We take our experience with big enterprises and make it accessible to businesses at every stage of growth.

  • Innovation: As Control-M Workload Automation specialists, we continuously integrate the latest innovations within our solution so that you derive the maximum value from your investment.

  • Maintenance & Optimisation: Ensures continuous software/system maintenance, upgrades, resource optimisation, and improved capability. Ensuring compliance and reducing downtime.

How it works together

Get the best out of your WLA with Ortom8 Services with Managed Service, AI Workload Optimisation and SaaS Platform.