Automating critical IT and business processes that otherwise involve manual steps or require scripting


Summary & benefits

Automated operations ensure that jobs are not forgotten or run out of sequence. This alleviates the need for manual management and control. Examples include :- Resetting passwords, assigning licences, rotating security keys, new messages in message queues or new files created in the file system. Implementing a sense-policy-respond workflow via event and process driven automation will deliver outcomes, not outputs.

The benefits include:

  • Higher reliability and greater productivity
  • Fewer call-outs, alleviating the pressure on IT teams
  • Improvements in efficiency, control, compliance and customer experience


Today, changes to applications, networks and infrastructure environments are being introduced at a rapid pace. Reviewing, managing, controlling and auditing these changes can result in bottlenecks within IT teams, halting innovation. Agile enterprises are increasingly looking to event driven automation to replace manual review, both removing the bottleneck and improving security and auditability.


As part of our managed service, we can help you trigger jobs to run based on external event, time or ad hoc conditions. Our solution supports a wide range of event types including email, file events, FTP file triggers, message queues, database modifications, tweets, and more. As a result, workflow processes can be initiated when a specific business or IT event occurs, reducing the chance of delays. This eases the burden of 24/7 availability, reducing the number of events that require out of hours engineering support.