Boost the performance of your business services


Summary & benefits

For successful outcomes, DevOps teams need to work together to deliver business services (and the application workflows that underpin them) quickly, securely and cost-effectively. This takes a single focus and a shared vision.

Automation supports the full DevOps lifecycle but when embedded within the application development cycle, it becomes possible to test early and test often. 

Benefits include:

  • Software being developed faster and more accurately
  • Increased efficiency by eliminating duplicated efforts and reducing costs
  • Establishing standard ‘error free’ environments


Challenges for today’s DevOps teams include being unable to keep up with demand and having to support application workflows differently across hybrid environments. Using diverse home-grown scripting and one-off automation methods often takes too much time to create and test scripts before going into production.  When application workflow issues occur in testing, they can be difficult to troubleshoot, with this vulnerability passing into production.


Our Application API (AAPI) provides developers with the capability to write production-ready automation in their integrated development environment (IDE) as part of the development process and embed this as an artefact in their source code repository.

As a result, the request for change process is greatly improved with development and production teams using the same automation methods, resulting in an up to 35% improvement in time to market and a 10 to 25% improvement in application reliability in production.