Facilitating the effective deployment and management of your processes and resources

Cloud Process Orchestration integrates, automates and orchestrates the tasks needed to manage connections and workflows on private and public clouds


Summary & benefits

Our managed service helps you deliver jobs on time, every time with a single, unified solution that orchestrates all your workflows across on-premise, private and public cloud environments. It can automate provisioning of platform and infrastructure in virtually a single-click operation, with unmatched scalability and flexibility.

The benefits include:

  • End-to-end visibility of workflows across hybrid cloud environments
  • Reduced overall costs, as fewer system administrators are needed
  • Rapid scaling – ability to co-ordinate physical resources with virtual resources


One of the challenges for today’s organisations is to deliver digital services faster than ever before. This need for speed has driven companies to shorten the time for delivering those applications that power modern digital services. It’s now about finding ways to be equally agile in installing, configuring and running applications and processes on diverse cloud platforms.


As part of our managed service, we simplify workflow orchestration across hybrid cloud environments. Our solution is configured to run on Amazon Web Services® (AWS), and Microsoft® Azure® with fast and easy provisioning, and with native support for popular services such as AWS Lambda® , AWS® Step Functions, AWS® Batch, Amazon® S3 , Azure® Logic Apps, Azure® Batch and more. 

As a result, your organisation’s IT infrastructure will benefit from elasticity, scalability and high availability of leading cloud platforms integrated into a single, intuitive solution.